Tuesday, September 05, 2006
And so it begins
Which I'm sure is a title used by like....10 gazillion other bloggers. What can 
I say, I'm coming a little late to the party and wearing last seasons dress. C'est 
la vie. In the unlikely event anyone actually reads this, well, they can sue me for 

I'm sure that won't be the only thing that sounds similar to some of the great 
blogs out there. I, how shall we say, lack any creative bones in my body.
Yeah, none. So my guess is this little blog will end up with 2 posts, and both of them will be lame.

I've recently moved with the Hubs to Washington State and I imagine posts about this topic will comprise of 1% of the topics...okay maybe more as we get out and explore (As all of the cheezy moving advice books tell you).

I also have a dog, who, IMHO, is always the cutest one at the dog park. See, that leaves room for you to not be offended because your dog won't be at the same dog park.

I do not, however, have a job. I'm working on it....sort of. I really am. I recently found out that a pretty major surgery may be in my near future. It makes it REALY hard to find a job when you can only work for about 3 months, then need December off for vacation, oh, yeah, and by the way I need another 4 months off for a major surgery. So we're making do as a one-income family right now. 

I hope this will not fail like so many other of my creative appempts have (Hello, scrapbooking anyone? Knitting--I couldn't even make the first stitch!)