Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Social anxiety can exist in the Blogosphere
First off, is blogosphere still even used? Or is that a tell tale sign that I am the biggest
lame ass on the planet for still using it?

Carrying on...I am an extremely friendly person. I smile a lot, at friends, dogs, babies etc. However, actually talking to people I don't know, or even kind of know is a HUGE struggle. Like, it's bizarre. One of the side effects of moving is suddenly you have to, like, talk to people. For example, we have great neighbors. Super friendly--they even brought us a plant the first week we moved in. About a month after we moved in, our end of the street had a fireworks party. I had made blondies and sangria to bring over, but I physically COULD NOT do it. I actually handed the goodies to my social butterfly Hubs and got him to bring them over.

I've never taken a job where I didn't know any one for fear that I wouldn't be able to
deal with it. I'm sick. And to be honest, most of my friends would never think this about me. It's strange, like me.

Which leads me to the point of this post. I can't comment on other blogs. I've been reading a lot of very funny and interesting blogs for the last few months. I've even thought of a novel idea to share with the blogger in particular. But my social anxiety looms over me and I can't get my self to actually share.

How does one overcome this? How do I get over my feelings of self-doubt? Am I really just fishing for someone to come look at my stupid writing? Do I really have anything worth sharing?

Oh, and House was great tonight. What a great show! I got hooked over the summer on re-runs, and now I get to keep up real time. Yeah! Another thread to follow on TWOP!

(and there is the proof that I truely have nothing interesting to say)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

House is one of the greatest TV shows on the air.. That would be after NCIS, Numb3rs, an accordin to TG ( me son ) Prison Break.. But the cranky doc just does something for me.....LOL

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