Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Yes JT, bring SexyBack
Hubs is a certified music freak. Right before we moved, we had a garage sale and he finally sold about 1000 CDs that he had ripped to MP3. He loves concerts and listening to music while he works. He has this weird talent for knowing not only the artist and name of a song on the radio, but what album it was on and sometimes even the track number. His favorite game is "What song is in your head right now?" He is frightened and confused when I admit there isn't one. He just can't imagine not having a running soundtrack.

I like music. It's nice in the background. It's fun to sing along with in the car. I had parents who are very musical as well, so I was well versed in the Beatles and the Grateful Dead at a young age. This background gave me some much needed "cool points" in high school, because, let's face it, I was about an inch away from being an uber-dork. But I knew Led Zeppelin songs before  Stone Temple Pilots covered them.

I've been finding myself lying to Hubs, as of late. I am ashamed about how I've been spending my mornings. My daily exercise includes at least 30 minutes on our exercise bike, which is very convently located in front of the TV downstairs. Every morning, I eagerly hop on, remote in hand, and turn on.....MTV...or MTV2.....or VH1.

Well, you might say, of course you do. Everyone likes music while they work out. But, therein lies the problem. The videos I watch, nay, sing and dance too in the mornings are not considered music in this house. I catch myself humming "Morris Brown" or "Ain't No Other Man" throughout the day. And when Hubs asks his favorite question...I have to lie. I cannot admit to actually knowing, much less liking these heathen songs. And a pox be on my head if I let it slip that the song is really "London Bridge" because Fergie (and the Black Eyed Peas by association) can literally send Hubs into a fit. Try it sometimes--Sing "My Humps" and his head will blow up like a giant balloon until he stabs himself in the ear with a knife and then his whole head explodes.

It's not pretty.

And so, I will continue to jump for joy when "SexyBack" comes on each morning and I will continue to sing it in silence. I'm not a good enough housekeeper to keep cleaning up little bits of Hubs head.


Blogger MP said...

I'm going to finally blog my music thoughts..this is exactly what I have been thinking about. We have been going nuts w/ music..especially since we got XM.
Thanks for the visit today.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

me luv yer version of exercise. mines is turn on the computer but on a playlist, sing along ( an ya would need earplugs ~~ singin voice sucks sewers ) an dancin of course but in the kitchen chair me has at the puter.......LMAO

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