Thursday, November 09, 2006
Addicted to Drama
*I hesitated posting because I think it'll push my headache cow off into the archives, but I figured it'd happen eventually. Might as well be about some crazy ass people living on an island*

Literally, I'm addicted to drama. You know, tv shows that can be classified as drama for the Emmy's--that kind of show. Growing up, I never really "had" shows. Well, that's not entirely true. I watched 3 episodes of Sesame Street a day when I was a toddler. And going through my "dark" years as a teenager, I did make it a point to be home to watch the X-Files, but I was never one of those girls who rushed home to be sure I caught Beverly Hills or...crap, I can't even think of another show. Umm, Party of Five? I think that was on when I was in high school.

Especially in college, I was just too busy to watch anything regularly. Sure I enjoyed certain shows when I caught them, but it certainly wasn't something I thought about on daily basis.

So how exactly did I turn into THAT girl, who at 8:54 last night realized that I wouldn't be done with my pre-programmed recumbent bike workout in time for the beginning of Lost? Not just realized, but promptly freaked out that the TIVO wouldn't work (even though I had checked the season pass just that morning) and considered calling my husband to make sure it was on the right channel. But then I realized he'd probably throw something at me for being ridiculous.

I have shows now. A lot of shows. Every night. Heros and Studio 60. Gilmore Girls, Hous and Nip/Tuck (which I'm 3 weeks behind on--thank god for TIVO). Lost and Top Chef. CSI and Ultimate Fighter. Sunday Night Cartoons on Fox and Adult Swim.

But that really isn't the part that bothers me. Sure I like TV. Loads of people do. I'm not a bad person for wanting to see what happens next to the icky love triangle on Lost. Or yelling at Rory Gilmore for being such a whiny douche bag. Oh wait. That is the part that bothers me. That I can get so emotionally invested in these shows that I actually get mad/frustrated/annoyed by fictional characters. Or care wether or not the creepy dad on Heros is a good guy or a bad guy--and get mad because the show isn't answering that question.

I'm not saying I'm going to change. I will watch Lost again when it comes back in February (and Damn you Lost producers if you don't start tying up some loose strings soon). I just don't know how exactly I got to this point. And it will only get worse--I know--once I'm stuck in bed for 4 months. Because I'm getting DVDs of all of the HBO/Showtime shows I've never seen. And then, I will be officially out of control.


Anonymous newfieswoman said...

Yeah, we all have ''our shows'' when we ''grow-up''.. If ''grow-up'' is the word for it...LOL...
Mines are NCIS, Numb3rs, an Supernatural...But right now the TV is not workin sooooooo...

Thx for the comment ya left in me blog...It helped more than ya ever is gonna know

Blogger QofD said...

Zow, can I call you Zow? (Said in my best smarmy used car salesman voice)

I used to be like you, never been a huge tv person, never had a show. And now I thank god for tivo everday or else I would miss Reno 911, Mind of Mencia, Heros, and whatever HBO original series is running...

Blogger Zow Zow said...

I'm already picking out what shows to watch in January and February. I've heard great things about Battlestar Galactica, so I might have to netflix those!

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