Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Cujo in the Making
Crap on a cracker, it's raining! My mother called at the ass crack of dawn to make sure we weren't flooding and then freaked out because we didn't answer the house phone. We each recieved frantic messages on the cells making sure we hadn't floated downstream.

This is why mass media sucks. She turns on Good Morning America and sees some idiot trapped on his roof because the giant river he lives right next to (which has been under "flood warning" for 3 days) suddenly and unexpectedly floods! Who knew such a thing could happen? And because he lives in our state, obviously my house, at the top of a hill, clearly must be flooding as well. Asshats.

The dog is beyond pissed at us too. He's had no walk in 5 days. I take him to the back door to be let out and I get the "What the hell are you trying to pull? It's pouring out there" look, like I can magically turn off the rain. To be fair, he will go outside if he's feeling desperate, which is better than what we used to have to do (walk him in a monsoon--we may be getting to that point.) And now he paces the halls making these semi-obnoxious sighs under his breath and sniffing at the windows in an attempt to get me off my fat ass and walk him. Thank god he is freaking adorable or I might have to just lock him outside.

I also had pizza for breakfast. F off diet, f off.


Blogger Drunk Drama Queen said...

My mom's from Tacoma- I feel your pain.. btw- asshats-my new fav word. hysterical blog.. thanks for the chuckle..

Blogger QofD said...

zow zow, same thing happens here every time there is an earthquake. It doesn't matter if it was only a 5.5 in the middle of the Mojave. Everyone outside of CA automatically assumes that everything is on fire and that my house has fallen into the ocean.

Anonymous newfieswoman ( nw ) said...

Yer dog is a piece of work huh??? Expect ya to walk him in the rain do he??? THE NERVES!!!!!!!! Mine knows better.......If the kid don't walk him then its out to the yard.. An he'll like it cuz me said so.. Me is literally to freakin ass lazy to walk him..

Thx for the lauf.....me needed it....ASSHATS love it

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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