Friday, October 27, 2006
Bullet Bonanza
  • I believe my dog has been watching (or reading, but that's probably less likely) Stephen King's It. He's had a long history of being scared of walking on anything shiny (tile floors, metal etc) however, in the last few days, he's had an annoying habit of avoiding metal grates and drains on his walk. This morning, for example, he almost walked out in front of a truck because being 4 feet from a drain was just a little too close. Luckily I had a tight grip on his leash and yanked him back. But, seriously, no clown is going to pull you down. I promise.
  • This is hilarious. And that's coming from someone who owns 2 Coach purses.
  • The apple butter is really freaking delicious. For something that has no fat in it, it is thick, rich and luscious. I keep thinking of new things to put it in (like oatmeal this morning, or muffins yesterday). I may even have a new cookie recipe to share, but I have to wait until they come out of the oven before I feel confident in them. And so little effort--my kind of thing.
  • Last night's CSI might have been the grossest one I've ever seen. Pretty much anything dealing with stomach contents icks me out.
  • Our new neighborhood has some funny rivalries. I try to stay out of it, but the one neighbor that no one likes keeps accosting me to try to tell me her side of the story. I really don't care, but I can now see why she's unliked.
  • TTFN (sorry, listening to the Winnie the Pooh ride on Mouse House Radio, and now Tigger's in my head--Ta Ta For Now)


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The thought of a dog reading It just gives me the giggles.

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