Friday, October 13, 2006
Friday's List-o-Palooza
1. Cell phones have replaced lighters at concerts. Who'd a thunk? It was slightly cool to see a sea of bluish light instead of the expected yellow/orange. But it's not the same (oh, and Roger Waters is still cool)

2. Lumbar Puncture are two words you do not want to hear from your doctor (oh, and I did!)

3. Being on a diet both sucks and does not suck. On the one hand--yeah me for being faithful for the last few days. Boo me for being hungry all of the time and wanting cookies. And ice cream. And cake. I want to invite friends over so I can have real food.

4. I am actually missing working. I was a teacher, but since we moved, I've been caught in the bureaucracy that is education and my credential is taking a while. I really miss my sixth graders from last year. But I mostly miss a regular paycheck.


Blogger Kitty said...

I saw the cell phone thing at a concert recently (okay, it had been a looong time since I'd been to a concert) and it surprised me, too. It's kind of cool, though.

Blogger QofD said...

Alright. I'll bite. What the hell is a lumbar puncture?

Blogger Zow Zow said...

LOL, I'll post more this week, but Friday, I have to have an x-ray where they shoot some dye into my spine. Yuck! Hence puncturing the lumbar (lower spine)

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