Sunday, November 12, 2006
Here is Where I Channel Seinfeld
What is the deal with standing room only at a comedy show. I mean, come on, I pay nearly 40 bucks for a ticket. Don't you think it would haven been nice to, oh I don't know, mention somewhere that you only have enough seats for 2/3 of the people you sold tickets to? I think a small footnote on your damn web site would have been appropriate so someone like me, who thinks showing up 20 minutes before the show is ok because I don't really NEED to see the stage and I don't mind sitting in the back. Ha Ha, jokes on me and I, with a fractured spine and serious nerve damage in my leg, got to stand up for 2 hours in much pain because I didn't take any pain meds. I didn't take pain meds because they make me loopy and I wanted to enjoy the show and I figured I would be SITTING DOWN anyway so I would be ok. Nope. Sucky fucking club. I was so freaking pissed. And clearly still am.

And news flash, semi-drunk Microsoft workers next to me, we all heard the joke. You DO NOT need to repeat the punch line. For EVERY fucking joke.

The comedians were good (Well, 2 of the 3). David_O'Doherty is very funny. And the headliner Demetri Martin put on a great show. And after we went to a newer "trendy" restaurant which was very good, even though I hate eating that late (around 9:15-9:30), but the food was delicious and I had a mix of little tapas, including one of the top 10 things I've ever had, "Duck and Waffles." Trust me, it worked :)

So now I get to sit in front of the fireplace, nursing my sore back and fuming over the stupid club. Seriously, how hard would it have been to put that somewhere on their web site. If I had known, I would have gotten there 30 minutes before the doors opened. And I wouldn't be complaining. my mom owns a comedy club, so I'm especially sensitive because I know how good shows run. This was poorly run and lame. I hate that place.


Blogger QofD said...

That sucks the finish off of wood that you had to stand. Seriously, $40? Really? Damn. I don't think I've paid that much to see any comic ever. And then they do that to you?

I cry foul.

Your mom owns a comedy club? Where? Can I be your new best friend?

Blogger MP said...

Standing room only at a comedy show..that is wacked.. You have to sit so you can fall out of your chair from laughing so hard.

Anonymous newf'swoman said...

Damn, that sounds like no fun at all.. One of the reasons me never ever goes out of me house to clubs an stuff.. That sucks about not bein able to sit down. Especially having BOUGHT TICKETS!!!!!!!! Fuck me runnin

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