Tuesday, November 21, 2006
All I Want For Christmas...
I never really wanted a pony. I went through a horse phase, like any other little girl, but even at 8, I knew I was far too lazy to actually care for something that important.

While at Target, I came across one of the hot gifts this year, the Fur Real Friends Pony.

Apparently you can feed it carrots or something. It seemed a little to close to Chucky for my 80's raised mind to feel comfortable around. But whatever, the little girl gets her pony. There's no manure to deal with and it's 300 bucks. Not a bad deal for the parents, although I can not imagine it being played with too often. And at 3 feet tall, it seems like it would take up a lot of room.

But then I came across this.

Giant Prehistoric Animals

It's 11 feet tall. It's 12,000 dollars (not including the $1500 delivery charge) and it's OUT OF STOCK! What the hell? People actually purchase these things? I mean, enough people so it's out of stock. Who are these people? Who could even fit the thing in the front door? And why a Woolly Mammoth? Why not, like a lion, or a camel or something?

I will say, the $500 polar bear is appealing, because it's kind of cool. But still, not that cool.

ETA: Ok, you can get more normal creatures. Still not my cup of tea, but YMMV!
The whole "Lifelike" Collection


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know... I hate to be the jerk who rants about prolific consumerism, but doesn't this kind of stuff seem a bit grotesque?

It's probably just me.

Now if I owned a jungle-themed restaurant... that's when I would buy that stuff!

Blogger MP said...

??? WTF?
My husband had to drag me away from the pony at Target..it nuzzles you. But a flipping Mammoth?

Blogger Zow Zow said...

I KNOW! I mean, I've known some wealthy people in my time, but nobody crazy enough to buy something like that. It kills me, just freaking kills me.

I won't even go into the 100,000 gift card you can also get.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

100,000 dollar gift card? Are they for real?

Blogger barista grazioso said...

Where would you put the Mammoth. Seriously. Living room? Family room? Dining room? Don't think so.

That's ridiculous. btw - hello fellow Washingtonian!

Blogger Zow Zow said...

I am still flabergasted by the sheer ridiculousness.

And at least the $100,000 comes with a private shopper. Well, at least on your first visit. If you don't spend the whole thing on one visit, you're SOL on the personal shopper.

Anonymous newfieswoman said...

100,000$ Gift Card?? The personal shopper is someone like oh the hottest thing on 2 legs right?? LOL...and me gets to keep the personal shopper?? rofl..

As for 300$ for a stuffed horse and 12,000$ for a stuffed mammoth um personally NOT in this lifetime..But me is thinking that someone spending that kinda money on STUFFED ANIMALS toy ones to boot is just this side of insane.. More money than brains too.. Personal opinion only. ME NERVES!!!

Gotta though agree with QofD. If it was for ya know like a business then me can understand it.. But to give it to someone as a gift or to just buy it for yerself cuz it's cute??? rofl rofl.. There is way more things me can think of to spend that kinda $$ on that stuffed toys..

Well, thx a ton for the laugh.. Me needed it... ;) ;)

Anonymous newfieswoman said...

p.s. me been tryin for days to get that comment to ya.. It finally started to like me again...rofl rofl ....

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