Friday, November 17, 2006
Counting My Blessings
My mom and sister are on vacation together as we speak. And they happen to be in my very favorite place. I keep getting text messages and phone calls with questions and updates.

A little background. My mom, sister and I all suffer from some low self-esteem and we all deal with it in totally different ways. I generally act like a cross between a Labrador and a doormat--"I'll do anything you need, just like me!" My mom leans toward emotional melodrama. My sister is a self-centered bitch. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. She isn't one ALL of the time, simply when she's feeling particularly insecure. I think it's a sort of defence mechanism, like "I'm going to be mean and sucky and give you a concrete reason not to like me, as opposed to you not liking me for reasons I can't understand." I didn't spend a lot of time with either of them in my formative years, living with my dad from 8th grade on. Luckily I missed out on a lot of the drama between my mom and my sister.

I had been feeling somewhat jealous of their trip. That was stupid of me.
1. The Hubs and I are going ourselves in 2 weeks. I love my husband and I love being on vacation with him. It will be much more fun
2. I have travelled a lot with my sister and she drives me up the wall. Literally. We went to Disney World last year with our cousins, and I can't even tell you what a PITA she was. (One example, leaving from a water park, with all of our room keys, IDs and credit cards--without telling any of us she was leaving.)

Mixed in with the texts about which ride they are on or what they should wear to dinner are other messages about how much they hate each other. "She's sooooo annoying." "She yelled at the front desk because the internet is too expensive." "She lost my cell phone and was pissed she had to go back to find it." "I wish you were here."

THANK THE LORD I have enough common sense to have said no to this whole debacle months ago. Holy hell, that's not a vacation; it's a horror movie. And it will only get worse. They're there until next Friday. And my grandparents are coming to have dinner with them on Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure my grandmother hasn't said a nice thing to my mom in 30 years. (She LOVES me though, first grandchild and all.)

So I can be jealous they're drinking fun things at EPCOT, but I will thanking my lucky stars in a week when they come home not speaking that I was not involved. And I live 1000 miles away.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Repeat after me: Disneyworld should not be hell. Disneyworld should not be hell. Disneyworld should not be hell.

Glad that you and the husband are getting away in two weeks!

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