Monday, February 26, 2007
Games and the Gaming Gamers who Play Them
I've spoken before about my lack of TV shows growing up, and my new obsession with them. (Um..Heroes...Rocks!)

I was also severely deprived of video games. Well, I should specify. I had a kick ass computer game called "Funhouse" based on the kid's game show of the same name, and hosted by J.D. Roth (now hosting the Biggest Loser or something). I was also a fan of my sister's copy of Barbie's Mall Madness.

These are quite possibly the worst games ever created.

I never had a Nintendo of any sort. My best friend did and I think we played Duck Hunt like 5 times and I was over it. Our creepy bachelor neighbor had a Sega Genesis and all of the neighborhood kids went to play Sonic at his house. (With no other parents to supervise. In retrospect, he must have been gay. Or our parents--a large group of single moms in a condo complex--were to busy drinking and sunbathing by the pool to care.)

To be honest, I never felt like I was missing out.

All of this background leads me to my current situation. The Hubs, being a boy growing up in the Silicon Valley in the '90's LOVES him some video games.I never got the appeal of the first person shooters and the scary driving games. My hand-eye coordination is SO bad, not only was I terrible at them, I had no idea how to get better.

Over the last five years, I've slowly made my way to the dark side. First it was a little MarioCart on the weekends. The I was introduced to Wario Ware on the Gameboy Advance. The final straw came last year when I saw a Nintendo DS. I travel quite a bit, and the games to play on that are fun. And accessible for someone like me who sucks at video games. I'm addicted to this one called Animal Crossing, which could be the stupidest concept for a game. Go earn money. Decorate your house. Pay off your mortgage.

Wait. Isn't that called life? And yet, I play every day. Probably because you can't lose. And it takes little to no skill. My kind of thing.

It get worse. The Hubs got Guitar Hero for Christmas. I was very reluctant to try, considering my inability to play a anything slightly competitive. And the whole, having no rhythm issue. I gave it a try eventually. And, Lordy, Lordy. It was fun. And I wasn't 1/2 bad. The Hubs jokingly said if I completed the game on Medium we could get a Wii. I had my ultimatum. And I did it.

Now we come to the reason I don't post. The Wii. Holy crap, is this thing a blast. I bowl, I golf, I throw darts and shave faces (it's the next in the WarioWare series.) I am addicted, once again, to a Nintendo product. What am I? 12? The saving grace is that you stand to play, and that's actually really good for my back, so I excuse myself for playing, calling it my "physical therapy."

Moral of the story. When you deprive your kids of the hip new thing, they grow up to be weird semi-adults who let themselves get sucked into them. Or not. I think I may be an anomaly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not an anomaly. And damn being wierd is the coolest. Being normal is SOOOOO frickin overrated it makes me wanna scream. You go girl.. You play that 'The Wii'. Get addicted. But damnit don't forget to blog cuz there us some of us *blushes um hum* who is so un-coordinated she has to read blogs for entertainment.

Me don't even know how to play Super-Mario. Me has played ONE video game. Pac-Man {{yes on the computer}}. And me can't get past the first screen. There is no hope for me.. rofl rofl

Blogger redsmom94 said...

I played some video games as a kid, but was over it before too long. Fast forward to last Christmas when the boyfriend and I bought a PS2 for the 4 kids. Guitar Hero is one of the games, and yes, that can be addicting. Good thing the kids are always on the damn thing 'cuz if they weren't I probably would be!

This post cracks me up. I think that video game consoles have stolen the souls of more than one adult, including me. Let's hear it for the Wii, DS 2, and Playstations!

Blogger Zow Zow said...

Oh no guys. My laptop died BIG time, and the hubs has a monopoly on the desktop!

You know what that means? It means I spent an hour and a half playing Zelda on the wii. This is getting serious.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah well, till its fixed Zelda look out!!!!!! Zowie gonna beat yer ass in submission oh yes.....LOL...

Hope ya gets back up an running soon

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man you got one serious Laptop problem. Me thinks in marriage there should be fairness an sharing. Including computers!!! Maybe especially computers when a wife's dies!!! Boy is me so so so so :(:(:(:( that ya hasnt been able to blog for awhile. Hope ya start again soon. Maybe a laptop fairy will drop one at yer door one day when yer least expecting it. ;) ;) LOL

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