Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Where I Proclaim my Awesomeness
I made marshmallows today. You can all drool if you'd like, but keep clear of your keyboard. I don't want to be responsible for a short or something. They need to sit for a few hours to dry out a bit, but I have to tell you...they're pretty darn tasty in their soft and gooey form. I cannot wait until they're ready to be rolled in graham cracker crumbs and dipped in chocolate.

Which leads me to my next point. I love giving gifts. The aforementioned candies will be given to the neighbors with some homemade hot cocoa mix. I'm pretty sure they'll all enjoy them. I know gift giving really stresses people out--for me it's no picnic. But, honestly, I love finding something that I know the person will love...even if they've never thought of it before. In my family there are lots of people who can just buy whatever strikes their fancy and for them it's especially hard to pick things out. I was lucky this year. I came across a lot of fun things that were well withing my budget AND I could buy them online. Perfect! But on the other hand, I constantly worry that what I picked out isn't actually as cool as I thought it was. We shall see Christmas morning. The other issue I found myself with this year is a totaly inability to come up with things for my own list. Seriously, I couldn't think of one thing that I could tell people I'd want. That's never happened before.

I did, however, come up with some pretty kick-ass ideas for DH's fam (because he certainly wasn't working too hard on it--you know, having to earn a living and everything). So I feel pretty good about our trip home.

Oh, and by the way...not having power freaking sucks. We lost it for about 2 days last weekend due to a huge storm. But I should feel super thankful, there are still people without, almost a week later.

So a recipe you might ask...
I made the vanilla version. As long as you have a stand mixer and a candy thermometer, they are actually really easy.


Blogger QofD said...

I was wondering if you had power or not, glad you are back up and running.

...it would never have occured to me to make marshmallows.

Blogger Zow Zow said...

I couldn't believe how easy they were!

Also, I did indeed make some Smore's ones, and they are awesome!

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