Monday, February 12, 2007
Once A Week Is Not Acceptable
But honestly, I have no life right now. I'm just not that interesting.

Someone in our neighborhood fenced in their front yard--a 6 ft. fence! It's so weird looking, very out of place. They've had a "No Pooping" sign for a while, so I guess they're just trying to keep the dogs out. Seems like overkill.

So, I promised this a while ago. But now you get two book reviews for the price of one. Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal and You Suck: A Love Story are both by Christopher Moore. He's pretty funny. I think I'd like to have dinner with him because anyone who comes up with some of this stuff has got to be hilarious. I will say, he's got a penchant for women performing bizarre but domineering sex acts--usually with total doofuses.

First, You Suck. Apparently this is the second in the series. I didn't know, and actually found it kind of refreshing to come in in the middle of the story, learning about the background as you move along. I don't think you would be lost at all if you haven't read the first one (who's name escapes me and I'm feeling far to lazy to google). It's about vampires, which always makes for entertaining reading. Light, funny reading. It would be a good vacation book, or if you're stuck in bed.

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal, while still very funny and entertaining is also far more thought provoking. It now ranks among my favorite books ever. If you're familiar with the Bible or like me, have simply seen Dogma too many times, you know that the story of Jesus's life sort of skips from age 12 to age 30. This is a lighthearted take on what he was doing during that time. His sidekick, who's writing the memoir, Biff is HILARIOUS and helps Jesus by being sneaky and lying to keep them out of trouble. The two travel though Asia, learning about some of the other well-established religions and you see how Christianity could have developed. Sounds a little boring, I know, but Moore's writing style, and some of the escapades the two characters go through are so wildly entertaining, I almost didn't return the book to the library. It was that good :) I'll just put it this way...Judo could be spelled Jew-Do...imagine if you will, the Son Of God meets the Karate Kid. Good Stuff.

I've got an easy-peasy recipe to share, but maybe I'll wait a day or two so I can update more than once a week!


I'm going to have to pick those books up. They sound great!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, for starters updating once a week FOR NOW, is fine. Just remember us little people in blogsphere while yer getting better. Reading while laid up in bed is a good way to get alot of reading done.

The books sounds good, but me has never read books like that be4. Maybe me should try expanding me horizons and see where it takes me in the ''world of books'' cuz me lovvves to read.

Is dying to check out this easy-peasy recipe ya got. Maybe one day me will get up the gumpption to even try one of them. Cuz they has all {{in the past}} sounded yummy. ;)

Hope yer getting better and better and soon up to yer ole self, {{dare me suggest it}} raising hell?? LOL LOL

Blogger Zow Zow said...

Thanks guys :)

I do like both books a lot, so I hope I'm not steering you wrong!

Oooo...raising hell...I have my moments...Just ask the hubs LOL!

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