Monday, December 11, 2006
And Now I'm Back...From Outer Space...
I can't sleep, being on East Coast time, so even though I fell asleep at 1:30 am (darn those late night flights) West Coast time, I only made it to 6:30 am!

So instead, I'm checking the 1000's of emails I recieved while gone. Ok, there was only 800. And 90% of them were spam. But I did get tagged for my first meme from QofD, so maybe I'll do that too!

Six weird things about me:

1. I've had over 100 stitches (though not at one time). I am a klutz through and through and have a variety of interesting scars to prove it.

2. I used to think my dad was in the mob. I was 7, but I didn't understand what he did (computer stuff) and he worked weird hours. We're also Italian. Therefore...mob.

3. I've travelled to loads of places, and loved every one of them (4 continents: Europe, N. America, Asia and Africa) and Disney World is still my favorite place to visit. Most people would consider that really weird.

4. I have a broken internal thermostat, or so says the Hubs. Even though I'm well padded, I'm NEVER the right temperature, usually I'm pretty cold. The Hubs is really thin and I'm always colder than him. Yet, I hate being hot. I get very grumpy when over heated, so I deal with the cold.

5. I always take home leftovers....and never eat them. By the end of the week, there are just boxes of food in the fridge that was good once, but now....

6. I have to hear talking while I'm falling asleep. Music doesn't cut it--it has to be voices, like talk radio or even better, TV (esp. late night talkshows.) Early on in our living together stage, the Hubs and I had a tiff over this, which ended with me sleeping on our living room floor with the radio on. I can't sleep at other people's houses because they usually don't have the required equipment for my optimal sleeping conditions!

I will post my pet peeves about the general American population soon. Disney World is an excellent case-study.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn. You are weird. Kidding.

Please do tell us about Disney World and your pet peeves with humanity.

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