Friday, February 02, 2007
Where I Break My Blog Silence
Over the last couple of weeks, I keep having blogable moments. And then I either forget (darn narcotics) or realize that typing for any length of time is sort of a pain in the ass.

A short rundown of observations over the last almost 4 weeks where I've spent 85% of my time in bed! These are all boring and not funny. Properly warned ye be.

- Being a nurse must suck serious ass. My nurses were great but thank the lord the Hubs was there with me, because those poor nurses were being run all over the place. Totally overworked. I hope they at least enjoy their job. I mean, they must, or they'd quit. I would. I'm actually surprised the Hubs hasn't divorced me...he's not even getting paid for that kind of work.

- In related news, how come no one ever told me what a great show Scrubs is. And it's on at least 5 times a day! I'm now seeing repeats, I've watched so many!

- I'm never birthing children. The aftermath of any major medical procedure is the suckest shit ever. I can't imagine dealing with an infant as well as my own issues. I, of course, will change my mind once I forget my post surgical pain and digestive issues. And watch 300 more episodes of a Baby Story. And cry over most of them.

- Watching What Not To Wear has made me want to dress better. Let's forget the whole "I weigh 600 pounds" issue (I might be exaggerating a little...maybe). And the not having a job to pay for new clothes. Or, well, anywhere to go wearing nice clothes. Still, I want a cute jacket and a nice button up shirt. I have to admit, I've put on make up almost every time I've left the house, so that's my one small consolation.

- It's really nice to sit down while you take a shower. I think I might keep the shower bench even after I'm all healed up. It's like being in a spa or something. Get yourself one. And while you're at it, get a new shower head. One of those giant rain like ones. It's worth it.

I promise to be more attentive to the blogworld. I need to comment more and start posting again. Thank you for you patience!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zowieeeeeeeee , wow yer feeling a tad better huh?? AWESOME!!!!!!!!! But ain't them darn narcotics a wonderful thing for when yer in pain huh??

~~ if me had ever seen Scrubs me would has mentioned it. Never seen the show so don't know nothing about it.
~~ Baby Story makes me cry too
~~ What not to wear makes me wanna hide in me closet in fear they might find me. Lord have mercy.
~~ Whats with a shower bench?? Me had a surgery that had me on me back for 6 to 9 weeks and had to stand for a shower. Damn that would has been a wonderful thing.
~~ Yer hubby luvs ya that's why he's doing everything ya need. Be warned if he's like any man me has ever known yer turn is coming and it wont be because of surgery. LOL LOL

You had better start updating or else! Or else.... I have no idea. I'm not going to make threats because I can't think of anything good to threaten. :)

Glad you're feeling better. I look forward to reading more.

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